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How to Choose A Wireless Microphone System: Options and Applications

There are times when a wireless microphone system can be very useful. It may be that you donít need an entire professional sound system to get your message across. Wireless microphones can deliver a professional sounding message or performance and allow you the flexibility to move around without being tied to a podium or outlet. Wireless microphones are often used by instructors, actors and, musicians in their work.

Types of Wireless Microphones

Some wireless microphones are handheld. In these models, the transmitter is built into the body of the microphone. The microphones work with the flip of a switch and are extremely easy to use. They may be useful if your voice needs some amplification for a small crowd. Many singers use this type of microphone when performing for small audiences.

Another option is a body pack transmitter with a microphone. The transmitter is usually clipped close to where the microphone will be used, such as on the userís belt. The microphones come in a variety of styles. You may be able to choose between a headband style, an over the ear style, or a microphone that attaches to your lapel or collar. The headband style is useful if you are moving around a lot while speaking. For example, exercise instructors or singers who dance may find this style most effective. A lapel or collar style microphone is often used by lecturers or actors.

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The body pack transmitter style microphone may be particularly useful if you need your hands free while you are presenting. For example, if you are teaching and you are constantly straining your vocal chords to be heard, a wireless microphone system that is not handheld might be ideal. Another example is if you play a musical instrument and need the sound amplified. Some musicians attach the body pack transmitter directly to their instrument.

Where to Purchase your Wireless Microphone

Wireless microphone systems are often much more affordable than other professional sound systems and some stores that do not specialize in portable sound systems may carry wireless microphones. However, it is to your benefit to consult with a reputable professional who specializes in the sound system business. Professionals can be found on the recommendation of a trusted friend or through an internet search. Some of the qualities that are important in more expensive and elaborate sound systems, such as clarity of sound and amplification are equally as important when purchasing a wireless microphone system. A good seller will be able to explain the differences between the models, the transmitter types and the microphone options to find the system that will allow you to perform, teach or conduct business in an efficient manner.

Given the affordability of wireless microphone systems there is no need to let your message go unheard nor to strain your voice. Let your music, lecture or other performance be heard and appreciated the first time you deliver it with an easy to use wireless microphone system.