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The Seville Anchor Audio Portable Sound System

If you are giving a lecture or speaking before a group of people then a Seville Anchor Audio Portable Sound System will provide top quality sound and a professional presentation. The Seville lectern looks professional in any space, whether you are using it in a gymnasium, a hotel or a lecture hall. It gives an air of authority to your presenter with its professional style and exemplary sound system.

Top Quality Sound

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting through a presentation where you canít understand the presenter because of microphone interference or low volume. This type of experience is something you want to avoid because the audience will be less likely to buy your products or attend future presentations. It is worth your small investment in a high quality lectern system that you will use for years. The Seville Anchor Audio Portable Sound System is made in the United States and comes with a 6 year warranty so you can be assured that your lectern is a quality product.

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The Seville features a 70-watt sound system strong enough to deliver easily heard sound to crowds of 750 people or more. The sensitive, shock absorbing microphone allows even quiet presenters to be heard in the back of the room without vibration or annoying interference. The 6 Ĺ inch woofer and the extended range horn tweeter ensure that the presenterís voice sounds natural rather than projected. If your presentations include things other than a live presenter, the Seville has a mic output jack for connecting to a mixer or sound system and two input jacks. The Seville also has line level output for recording. This is particularly useful if you want to use the same presentation again the future or if you have students or employees who miss the original presentation and need to make it up.

Further Benefits for the Presenter

The Seville Lectern System makes every presentation professional. It has an oak finish that gives the lectern an air of authority. It comes equipped with a dual-intensity reading light so that the presenter can always see the notes placed on the lectern. The deluxe model allows the top section to come off the unit and be placed on a table for use as a tabletop lectern. The wireless model allows the presenter to use a white board, projector or laptop with a hands free microphone. The Seville comes on casters so that it can easily be positioned in the right place in your auditorium, stage or hotel meeting room.

Accessories Available

There are several accessories available for the Seville lectern which allows it to be customized it to your needs. The first is a 24 inch gooseneck microphone (the Seville comes standard with an 18 inch gooseneck microphone). Next, you might consider a padded slipcover to prevent dust and scratches. Finally, a 64 channel UHF wireless receiver with a choice of microphones is available. So, whatever your presenting needs are, the Seville Anchor Portable Sound System is an excellent choice for a high quality professional presentation.