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The Beacon Anchor Sound System

The Beacon Anchor sound system is in a class by itself. The Beacon Sound System by Anchor Audio is revolutionary in that it combines the quality of sound that typically comes from a line array system into a unit that does not require a speaker stand. The AC/DC powered system is self contained and encloses 3 8” woofers, and 8 4.5” mid-range speakers. The patent pending line array tower is what gives the Beacon its edge over the competition. The Beacon allows you to cover up to 500 feet all by itself. What is included in the Beacon Sound System?

The Beacon Anchor includes every bit of equipment you might need. It even includes a CD player and a wireless microphone. It can be set up in about one minute and stands about 6 feet tall when it is set up. The line array tower easily collapses into the unit for easy transport. The Beacon comes with a battery, carrying case, collapsible handle and wheels so that you can take it wherever you need to go.

You can purchase the Beacon Sound System in different packages according to your needs. The Beacon Basic Package includes the Beacon with a wireless receiver and wireless microphone. The Beacon Deluxe Package includes 2 wireless receivers and 2 wireless microphones. Both packages include the CD player, battery, and carrying case.

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It is Easy to Use and Versatile

This easily affordable and portable sound system will allow you to reach over 5000 people at a time with minimal effort. The Beacon PA system is Anchor Audio’s most powerful system. Since the system can reach that many people and cover the length of a football field, it is the only sound system you will need. You can adjust the settings to meet your needs so that you have the appropriate amplification for every audience. And the Beacon is so easy to transport that you will have no problem bringing to any venue.

Quality and Cost

You can be confident in the quality of your Beacon sound system. The system is made in the United States by a highly reputable company. The company backs the Beacon system with a 6 year warranty so you can be assured that you will use your sound system for a long time. While you can be confident in the quality that your Beacon sound system will provide, you should be sure to compare prices prior to purchasing your system. A simple internet search will show you the wide range of prices on identical models of the Beacon. Be sure to look for a supplier who promises to beat any advertised price. That way you can be sure that you are getting the best price on your unit.

So, if you are in the market for a sound system be sure to consider the products made by Anchor Audio. Particularly, the Beacon Anchor which is an innovative and easy to use device that can meet all of your sound system needs.