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The Anchorman Sound System

The Anchorman Sound System is a new and innovative product in the wireless intercom industry. “Anchor” is the name of the company who makes the product. Anchor is an industry leader in the sound system business. “Man” stands for mobile audio network. True to its name, the Anchorman is a high quality product that does not require a base station and is designed for maximum portability.

Range of Service

One Anchorman Sound System is capable of communicating with four other intercom belt packs at the same time. In order to achieve this, compatibility frequency groups are predetermined to avoid any interference. The Anchorman has two ranges, the simplex range and the duplex range. The duplex range describes the distance at which you can hear another speaker while simultaneously transmitting sound. That range is 250 feet. Beyond that, the device switches to the simplex range. That refers to the distance at which you can hear another speaker without your transmitter on. That range is 2500 feet. The unit is capable of transmitting sound through most walls. This significant range at which you can hear another transmitter is one of the biggest advantages of the Anchorman over its competition.

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It is Easy to Use

One of the best features of the Anchorman is that it is designed to be easy to use. When you purchase your unit simply set the group selections, the microphone sensitivity and the headset volume according to your preferences. The buttons on the belt pack are clearly labeled and easy to understand.

Another significant benefit of the Anchorman is that it can be voice activated so that you have your hands free to do your other work. All you have to do is adjust the microphone sensitivity and speak into the microphone to activate transmission. This is crucial if you need your hands available to do things while you speak with others via intercom.

The belt packs are rugged and able to withstand many uses and they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The units operate on 4 rechargeable batteries. You will get approximately 7 hours of receiving time or 3 hours of continuous transit time before needing to recharge the batteries. You Will Receive a Top Quality Product

You can be confident that you are purchasing a reliable product when you purchase the Anchorman. The device is made by Anchor Audio which is a leader in portable sound systems. However, Anchor does not expect you to rely on its good name alone. Each Anchorman is tested against a tightly controlled standard by using proprietary automated testing and calibration algorithms. It is in this way that Anchor maintains strict quality control and always puts a superb product into the market.

The innovative technology of the Anchorman allows customers to purchase this top quality wireless device at the same cost as some of the more traditional units. The Anchorman can be very useful in theaters and athletic departments. So, if you are in the market for a wireless intercom device, be sure to consider the Anchorman sound system by Anchor Audio.